Huay Yai mayor’s daughter saved from fiery wreck


A daughter of the mayor of Huay Yai was rescued from a fiery wreck after she smashed her Toyota Camry into a utility pole.

Jutamard Trisupachoke, 23, was pulled from the wreck at a U-turn in front of Wat Jittapawan on Sukhumvit Road May 31 by bystander Chanchai Duangjan. He smashed a window to get the daughter of Huay Yai Sub-district Mayor Pairat Trisupachoke out of the burning vehicle.

Chanchai said he was inside a nearby marble shop and heard an explosion. He came out and saw the car in flames and the woman trapped. So he smashed the window to get her out.

Paramedics treated Jutamard for a bloody head wound, but she was otherwise ok.

Police were waiting to question the woman, as there were no witnesses. Officers speculated she might have dozed off behind the wheel.

Jutamard Trisupachoke was pulled from the fiery wreck and suffered just a relatively minor head injury.

Chanchai Duangjan went from bystander to hero when he reacted quickly enough to pull the young woman from the wreck before she burned to death.