Brothers give chase to iPhone thieves


Two Kuwaiti brothers tried to make a daring capture of thieves who stole their iPhone, but gave up after the suspects pointed what they thought was a gun at them.

One of the victims, Mabapak Alazmi, 24, filed a complaint with police May 27 that two men on a motorbike took his Apple handset on Soi 15 in South Pattaya.

The victim said he and his brother were driving on a motorbike when the two youths pulled alongside and threatened them to stop. When they did, one suspect stole the iPhone that was hanging around his neck and sped away.

The two brothers raced after them in pursuit, but when the pillion suspect pulled what appeared to be a gun, the brave boys lost their nerve and retreated. Police are now searching CCTV footage to identify the thieves.