Homes, cars and property destroyed as Vamco rocks Pattaya


Pattaya homes, cars and property destroyed by Vamco Tropical Storm

18:00 September 16, 2015, Pattaya was rocked by Vamco for approximately two continuous hours with heavy rain and strong winds, causing the entire town to flood.

East Pattaya Sois became streaming rivers, including Khao Talo, Khao Noi, Nernplubwan, Nong Yai, Siam Country Club, Local Road and Sukhumvit. Motorbikes and low vehicles were completely disabled as the water level in each soi ranged from 50-100 centimeters deep.

Very heavily flooded areas included Wat Nong Yai area, Highway Police Department area, the entire stretch along Pattaya Beach Road, Jomtien Beach Road, Pattaya 3rd Road near Moom Aroi, South Pattaya Road and North Pattaya Road as well as sois in those vicinities.

Meanwhile, authorities were working hard throughout the city, re-directing vehicles and making sure that the residents and tourists were evacuated from low level areas. Pumps were installed in designated areas, especially along Pattaya Beach Road as it’s the last line of defense and receives the massive amount of water that overflows down from the sois in the city.

Damages caused by the floods were massive, as shops and homes that have never flooded before were inundated by the massive amounts of rain water. Convenience shops (7/11’s) became floating markets  where boats are required.

Thousands of homes and business have been affected and now as the clean-up continues residents brace themselves for the next deluge.

Vamco marks as one of the heaviest rain storms since the last five years and the weather forecast confirmed that the storm will not move out till September 19th, 2015.