‘Good Samaritan’ stops hit-and-run driver who clipped Russian


A Khon Kaen woman and her foreign boyfriend were detained after allegedly hitting a Russian pedestrian with her car and fleeing the scene.

Uraiporn Kongsoong, 25, and her unnamed beau were brought to Pattaya Police Station April 8 following the accident that saw a slightly drunk Nickolai Subares, 31, get knocked down and sustain head wounds in front of the Soi 9 station.

She was stopped at Soi 13/1 by a “good Samaritan” member of the public, who witnessed the accident and held them near McDonald’s until police arrived.

Uraiporn Kongsoong allegedly hit a Russian pedestrian with her car along Beach Road and fled the scene.

Witnesses said the Russian had disembarked a baht bus and tried to cross Beach Road, but was clipped by Uraiporn’s Nissan Almera. He hit the ground and neither she nor the foreigner with her decided to stop, police said.

The Russian declined to press charges or go to the hospital, saying his wounds were not serious.