Glue-sniffer arrested in parked car at Pattaya shopping mall

Pattaya police cautiously approach the Toyota Altis with its emergency lights flashing.

Pattaya police arrested a motorist sniffing glue in his parked car with its emergency lights flashing.

Thongchai Donchomhong, 52, was sitting behind the wheel of his Toyota Altis when police caught him inhaling Jan. 16.

His hands and clothes were soiled with glue, and the odor permeated the car. Police found three cans of the sticky stuff in the vehicle.

High on the fumes, Thongchai was raving at police. He was charged with sniffing a volatile material.

Thongchai Donchomhong, high on glue, raved at the police.

Filled with glue-sniffing paraphernalia, the car reeked of glue.