German gets punched for refusing to be taken for a ride in Pattaya

Jurg Vendorf tells police he was attacked by a Thai man after he refused the offer for a ride with two Thai women.

A drunk German got punched in the face after refusing a ride in Pattaya.

Jurg Vendorf, 57, admitted he was drunk before the June 18 altercation on Soi Bongkot 6/1 but claimed to be clueless as to why anyone would punch him.

Motorcycle-taxi driver Thanakrit Sangtien, 41, witnessed the incident. He said a black sedan was parked near his taxi stand and, as the German approached, two Thai women and a man got out and offered him paid transport.

The German refused and the two men got into a heated quarrel, with the Thai getting the last word with his fist.

Pattaya police said such incidents spoil Pattaya’s image and promised to find the attacker.


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