Gamecock breeder reports serial burglar

The thief sneaks into Teera’s Pa Puek Nongyai rooster pen looking for the best gamecock to steal.

A Pattaya gamecock breeder appealed to police to catch a serial thief responsible for taking several of his prized birds.

Teera Tanyung, 56, showed security camera footage of the latest theft to the media March 28. The video showed a thin man looking over the selection of cocks at Teera’s Pa Puek Nongyai gamecock pen before taking one.

Teera said the same man burglarized his pens several times, each time choosing the best gamecock, as if he had been hired to steal a specific bird.
The breeder said someone earlier tried to buy his operation, but Teera rejected the offer. Now he thinks someone is trying to steal his birds instead.

Initially, he reported to the Inquiry Officer with CCTV as evidence. He believed that the police will catch the thief for legal prosecution.

Teera Tanyung the gamecock breeder said that someone had offered to buy his business but he refused. Now someone is trying to steal his roosters.