Foreigner rescued from choppy seas off Pattaya coast

The foreigner desperately waves his hands as the ferry sails close, swiftly plucking him out of the turbulent waters.

A heart-stopping sea rescue unfolded off the Pattaya coast on November 19, captured in a viral 20-second video. The footage shows the daring rescue of a foreign tourist stranded between Pattaya and Koh Larn Island, approximately 3.7 kms from the coast in challenging conditions of strong winds and high waves.

Captain Nit Thongdee, 50, of the Sor Puong Payom 6 Pattaya-Koh Larn Island ferry, confirmed the incident’s authenticity. He said that, on the morning of November 19, he noticed a human figure floating in turbulent waters while transporting passengers to Koh Larn. Initially mistaken for a lifeless body, he approached with caution.

Upon closer inspection, he found a foreign tourist, clad in a black shirt and swim trunks, desperately floating with raised hands. Captain Nit swiftly halted the ferry, deploying a lifebuoy to successfully rescue the man despite treacherous conditions.

The rescued tourist and fellow passengers disembarked at Koh Larn Island. Oddly enough, the tourist left without explaining how he ended up adrift. Captain Nit expressed relief at the successful operation, highlighting the tourist’s fortunate survival amid the turbulent waves.