Foreigner in police volunteer uniform assaults Chinese man on Pattaya street

Pom’s clip taken by her mobile phone camera shows a tall foreigner dressed in a police volunteer’s uniform looking down at the man who he had just dragged out of his car and physically assaulted him.

Miss Pom, a 31-year-old Pattaya bar owner witnessed a distressing incident on May 24, and decided to share it with the media. She said as she was riding her motorcycle back from the Wat Chai Mongkol Temple Market in South Pattaya she came across a crowd near the intersection of Pattaya Third Road. Intrigued, she parked her motorcycle and approached the scene. To her shock, she witnessed a foreign-looking man dressed like a police officer assaulting a defenseless Chinese man on the sidewalk near the red light at the intersection.

The foreign man, accompanied by a Thai woman riding a motorcycle, targeted the Chinese man in a sedan who had stopped at the traffic lights. Without any provocation, the foreign man forcefully opened the car door, pulled the Chinese man out, and relentlessly beat him up, leaving him sprawled on the pavement. Miss Pom quickly took out her mobile phone and recorded a video of the incident as evidence.

Bystanders, including a motorcycle taxi driver and pedestrians, attempted to intervene and stop the assault but were met with resistance and threats from the foreign man. The Thai woman accompanying him also intimidated and warned others not to interfere. When the authorities arrived, Miss Pom handed over the recorded video as crucial evidence to aid in the investigation.

However, a Thai woman associated with the foreign man approached the police and chased Miss Pom away from the scene. Miss Pom instead decided to help an elderly man who had been struck by the Chinese man’s sedan during the altercation. She then retreated to her home, hoping that justice would prevail for the victim.

Miss Pom shared the video with the media to shed light on the alarming incident, condemn the unjust assault on a foreign visitor, and emphasize the importance of accountability regardless of nationality. She believed that publicizing the footage would raise awareness about the gravity of the incident and the need to respect the law, and a sense of safety and equality for locals and tourists.

The resolution and subsequent developments of the incident are unknown, but the video stands as a powerful testament to the events that transpired, urging the public to remain vigilant and demand justice for all those affected by acts of violence.