Food vendor loses 115,000 baht earnings in bag snatch


A food vendor on his way to the bank was robbed of 115,000 baht and other personal items in a motorbike-assist bag snatch.

Krit Kanchanaprasan, 42, told police he was taking the day’s earnings from his fresh-food kiosk at the Amorn Naklua market to the Kasikorn Bank’s Pattaya-Naklua branch in North Pattaya July 16.

Krit Kanchanaprasan fills out a theft report with police.Krit Kanchanaprasan fills out a theft report with police.

He said he had parked his car opposite the bank and was walking to the bank when a male wearing a full helmet while riding a black woman’s motorbike sped past him and grabbed his satchel.

In addition to the 115,000 baht, he also lost three bank books, three credit cards, a mobile phone and important documents.

Police scoured the area immediately following the report, but did not find the thief.