Finn bludgeoned, robbed on Pattaya Soi 2 beachfront


A Finnish man was beaten unconscious in an after-midnight assault on Pattaya Beach at Soi 2.

Antti Markku Juhani Dyster, 58, suffered about blows to the head and body by two Thai men and one woman around 1:30 a.m. He was transported to Pattaya Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Emergency workers attend to the injured Finn.Emergency workers attend to the injured Finn.

Witnesses reported that Dyster had been followed by the trio after buying a bottle of whiskey at a nearby Family Mart. The suspects apparently had spied valuables in the shoulder bag the Finn was carrying.

They set upon Dyster once he’d sat down on a beachfront bench to drink. Witnesses said the attackers used sticks and bottles to beat him senseless, then stole the bag and fled on a motorbike up Soi 2.

Police planned to review security footage from the Family Mart to identify the attackers.