Fast-acting sailor saves overboard ship passenger


A Bangkok official was saved from drowning by a navy sailor while on an inspection tour for illegal fishing boats.

Sumet Buabucha, a researcher from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, hit his head and fell off a Royal Thai Navy patrol ship when it was hit by a large wave Jan. 5.

The ministry officials and representatives from private organizations were on board the HTMS Pattani about nine nautical miles from Cape Poromathep looking for illegal fishing boats. Conditions were rough with strong winds and high waves.

Sub. Lt. Thampapon Preecharonsep dove into the sea and rescued Sumet. Other sailors helped the two back aboard and first aid was performed before the ministry official was transferred to Patrol Boat 218 to be taken back to shore and a hospital checkup.

Sumet Buabucha is pulled back aboard after falling overboard in rough seas.