Environmental crackdown set for Koh Sichang


Chonburi officials are planning to crack down on boat operators and businesses fueling a pollution crisis on Koh Sichang.

Deputy Gov. Phawat Lertmukhda chaired a May 17 meeting at Chonburi City Hall on the island district’s environmental problems, saying Koh Sichang is suffering from garbage-strewn beaches, oil slicks form sunken ocean vessels, and air pollution caused by the many boats bringing people and supplies from Sriracha.

Deputy Gov. Phawat Lertmukhda.

He said a system should be created and measures taken to control vessels transporting goods from the mainland so that they do not cause long-term adverse effects on the environment. Anyone violating the law will be prosecuted, he vowed, without specifying what any of those new measures would entail.

He said regular inspections will be conducted for those involved in importing goods to the island to prevent accidents such as oil spills.