Elderly drink vendor tells Pattaya to keep battling

Sixty-five-year-old Weerasak Kaisuwan wakes up each morning, cooks food for his wife Anu, then goes out to push his cart along the city streets to sell his beverages.

He’s 65, needs a cane to walk and has a disabled wife at home. But Weerasak Kaisuwan keeps battling and tells everyone else in Pattaya facing trouble to do the same.

Weerasak was out on South Road on Oct. 20, pushing his beverage cart. He needs either the cart or a three-legged cane to move and can’t travel as far as he used to, but he’s still out there every day.

Weerasak said his wife, Anu Ponrat, 64, has weakness on one side of her body and cannot care for herself. So each morning, he wakes up, cooks food for Anu and then goes out to sell beverages.

Weerasak said neighbors sometimes help his wife, but he’s the only breadwinner in the family, as the couple has no children.

It sounds like a desperate situation, but Weerasak said he keeps fighting and thinks everyone facing hardship in Pattaya should do the same and never give up.

Weerasak looks after his physically challenged wife.
Everyone facing hardship in Pattaya should keep fighting as he does, Weerasak says, and never give up.