Delusional Dane tries suicide via electrocution

It took 10 people to get Henum out of the room.
It took 10 people to get Henum out of the room.

Neither a pleading girlfriend nor a Nepali “witch doctor” could cure what ailed a maniacal Danish man who went on a rampage and tried to electrocute himself with a severed power cord.

Police arrived at the Soi Day-Night apartment of Morten Henum, 53, New Year’s Eve to find the raving Dane naked on his bed, flagellating himself with exposed wires from a fan’s power cord. Fortunately for him, neighbors had already cut the power.

Officers, called to the scene by his new 48-year-old girlfriend, tried to calm the man, but he continued raving in Danish and bit the leg of one of his neighbors.

To get Henum out of the room it took 10 people, who then inexplicably stopped in the hallway to let a Nepalese man, with a red beaded necklace wrapped around his wrist, begin beating on the delusional Dane. The self-anointed witch doctor claimed he was pounding evil spirits out of the suicidal man. It didn’t work and they moved on.

His girlfriend, identified only as Wipada, said the two only recently started dating. She said she had come back to the apartment to find her new beau covered in cuts. So she went to the pharmacy and returned to find him trying to electrocute himself.