Culture minister thanks Chonburi cultural council members


Thailand’s Culture Minister thanked more than 2,000 Chonburi residents for their work on more than 100 province, city and local culture councils.

Minister Sonthaya Kunplome presented certificates to representatives from various councils at a June 28 Chonburi Cultural Council meeting organized to allow councils to explain what they did.

After a 2008 Culture Ministry reorganization, all provinces were ordered to rebuild their various cultural councils to adhere to the policies of the first freely elected government following the 2006 military coup. Chonburi created one province-wide council, 11 district councils, one for Pattaya, four municipal councils and 83 sub-district councils. Those 100 boards were served 2,097 individuals.

The meeting, called to clarify exactly what all these councils did, Chonburi Cultural Council President Suan Phanomwattanakul explained the province’s board is a private organization operating on cultural activities to solve and develop localities.

Five residents from each district, municipality, sub-district and Pattaya then took the podium to explain how they create moral, understanding and sponsor community activities. Sonthaya thanked them for their service.

The minister said the organizations are important in that they open opportunities for communities to exchange knowledge, coordinate to solve problems and develop the foundation of cultural diversity.