Craftsman suffering asthma attacked dumped by coworker on roadside dies


A factory foreman scared by a coworker’s asthma attack pushed the wheezing man out of the truck and left him on the side of road.  The man died.

The body of Oan Thetna, a few days shy of his 44th birthday, was found across from a PTT gas station on Thepprasit Road Oct. 2, an asthma inhaler gripped tightly in the dead man’s right hand.

Police who queried the Chachoengsao man’s friends said the victim was a well-respected furniture craftsman who had gotten a ride home with a foreman and other coworkers. Durign the ride, Oan suffered a severe asthma attack. Fearing the man would die in his truck, the foreman and other workers allegedly dragged him out of the vehicle and left him on the side of the road, where he died.

Since Oan was a temporary worker, the foreman claimed no responsibility.  Also, since none of the deceased relatives filed a police complaint, police could not file charges.