Cosy Beach pump fixed and boat removed


On several occasions, local environmental group, Green Pattaya, made representations to Pattaya City Hall, making councillors aware of a faulty sewage pump station next to Cosy Beach. The offending pump next to Varuna Yacht Club was subsequently changed and Green Pattaya and residents thought the problems were fixed. However, the solution was short lived.

In a remarkably short period of time the replacement developed a fault causing a cascading waterfall of sewage waste to pour down to the beach. Pattaya City Hall was asked to push the sub contractor to end this health hazard and fix the unit to stop it polluting Pattaya’s beaches.

The pump is finally fixed.The pump is finally fixed.

At the last cleaning of Cosy Beach, Green Pattaya was approached by small business owners and beach vendors and asked for its help to pressure the Pattaya City Hall about the issue. A request was made by Green Pattaya volunteers to city hall during last week but the official tasked with the repairs said it will take 3 months before the sub contractor will fix the faulty pump. In the meantime, swimmers are up to their ears in bureaucratic brown tape.

Then, in the afternoon of 14th October, representatives from Green Pattaya visited the City Hall Office of Environment. They had a short meeting with Sutee Thubnonghee, where Green Pattaya requested that something be done about the three decommissioned boats on the beach.

The problem always has been the owner of the boat refused to move the boat unless city hall fixed the pump.

A meeting was set up next morning and on arrival, the pump already had been fixed by the sewage department.

Down on the beach the committee was met by one of the owners of the boats and he explained the problem of the pump, soon after the lady who takes care of the restaurant next to the boats arrived and she also complained about the pump.

Sutee Thubnonghee explained to them that now the pump is fixed they need to take away the boat and clean this part of the beach.

He gave them a fair warning and they promised to deliver on their promise within a month. Green Pattaya will follow up on their promise in one month time and also clean the beach on the 8th of November.

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