Contractor faces heavy daily fines for delays at North Pattaya intersection

Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai confirmed that, despite an extended deadline, the contractor’s ineffective management led to delays at the critical North

PATTAYA, Thailand – Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai addressed growing concerns regarding delays in the construction of the North Pattaya intersection, confirming that penalties have been imposed on the contractor responsible for the project. The delays have significantly impacted the daily lives of residents and the local tourism industry.

Manot detailed that the project involves resurfacing roads at four key intersections: Chaiyapruek Intersection, Wat Boonkanjanaram Intersection, Motorway Intersection, and North Pattaya Intersection, with the latter being the final phase. Originally slated for completion by the end of May, the project experienced stoppages during the Songkran and New Year holidays, prompting Pattaya City to extend the deadline to June 3.

Despite the extension, the contractor failed to meet the new deadline due to ineffective management. As a result, fines have been levied against the contractor starting from June 4 at a daily rate of 114,125 baht. The contractor has been instructed to expedite the remaining work, particularly at the North Pattaya Intersection, a critical route for both locals and tourists.

The total amount of the fines is yet to be determined, as they will continue to accrue until the project is completed. These fines will be deducted from the contractor’s payment. Manot assured the public that the fines are genuine and promised a detailed explanation once the project is finished. Current plans include road excavation and closure at the North Pattaya Intersection from June 17 to June 25, with additional detailing work to follow. The aim is to complete the project by the end of this month.

Addressing the issue of repeated delays by certain contractors, Manot mentioned the potential for blacklisting them to prevent future government contracts. However, he clarified that Pattaya City does not directly select contractors; this responsibility lies with the Comptroller General’s Department. Nevertheless, Pattaya City can enforce contract compliance, ensuring that contractors adhere to agreed-upon plans or face legal consequences.