Conservationists drop objection to Naklua Market multi-use platform


An environmental conservation group has dropped objections to construction of a multi-use platform over water next to the Naklua Bridge near the Old Naklua Market neighborhood, clearing the way for construction to resume.

Pattaya City Secretary Phoomphipat Kamolnath (left) and Wirot Janpet (right), president of the Old Naklua Market Community meet with local residents to discuss the multi-use platform.

The Naklua Bay Conservation Group delivered a letter to about 200 market-area residents assembled Oct. 19 to meet NBCG leaders explaining that Pattaya officials have met its demands for an environmental review of the project. Having also offered the conservationists a chance to explain their position to residents, the group said it has dropped its objections.

Work on the 1.5 million baht platform was suspended almost immediately after it began when the conservation group complained that the platform would mar the area’s scenery and harm the environment. Naklua Market villagers, however, wanted the facility.

“The multi-use platform’s construction will create lots of benefits and development for the Naklua Market villagers,” said Wirot Janpet, the 77-year-old president of the Old Naklua Market Community. “It will be used for exercise and be a meeting point for the community, which presently doesn’t have a place for community activities.”

Wirot said it also would support the community’s efforts to restart the Naklua Walking Street project.

Pattaya City Secretary Phoomphipat Kamolnath said the 18 by 20-meter platform being built over the water next to the Naklua Bridge and its environmental impact will be studied with 10 members of the Naklua Market Community area.