Confessed murderer of Sawang Boriboon volunteer surrenders, released on 5,000 baht bail


Jealousy, not business, turned out to be the motive for the June killing of a boat-rental agent and rescue volunteer.

Boonsong Saechau, 38, surrendered to police July 1, nearly two weeks after allegedly shooting business partner Wijan Suwanpodok, 39, at Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya. Wijan had been a volunteer with the Sawang Boriboon Foundation.

The two had been seen in an argument that turned into a fistfight. The well-built victim bested his smaller friend and witnesses said Boonsong ran to his motorbike, pulled a gun from under his seat and shot his relative.

Boonsong Saechau turned himself in to police to face charges of gunning down his cousin in a fit of jealousy.Boonsong Saechau turned himself in to police to face charges of gunning down his cousin in a fit of jealousy.

Witnesses reported that, following the shooting, Boonsong casually put the gun away, hopped on his bike and drove away at normal speed past tourist police, tourists and other onlookers.

The account police retold was a bit less dramatic.

Investigators said the suspect admitted to shooting his friend not because of previously reported business disputes, but because Wijan repeatedly flirted with his wife. The two quarreled at Bali Hai and, Boonsong claimed, Wijan had put a hand in his shirt as if to go for a gun. In self-defense, the victim said, he pulled out a gun he had hidden on him and fired … six times.

Following the shooting, he fled to Bangkok and then to a friend’s house in Nakhon Sawan. He decided to turn himself in, Boonsong said, as he realized the police were closing in on him.

Because of his confession and voluntary surrender, Pattaya police released the alleged murderer on 5,000 baht bail.