Compulsory Helmets for Motor Cyclists


Montien Pattaya: The Helmet Zone

Whilst not yet required by law for the general public, the Montien Hotel, Pattaya is supporting safety on the road by introducing a regulation that staff wear helmets when driving motorcycles to work—and encouraging them by providing helmets at a special discount price.  

Those without helmets are not allowed into the hotel or to park in the hotel area.  Khun Somjai Chirapat, the Personnel Manager, stated that,  “The Montien Pattaya launches its helmet regulation to get the staff into the habit of wearing helmets, against the time that Pattaya City may introduce the law to wear helmets when driving motorcycles, now valid only in Bangkok.”

Picture shows Personnel Manager Somjai Chirapat (standing  left), with cooperative staff.Picture shows Personnel Manager Somjai Chirapat (standing  left), with cooperative staff.