City hall establishes spokeswoman’s office


Pattaya City Hall plans to open a formal spokesperson’s office to better communicate with the media and public.

Consultant Bunthit Siritanyong and members of the Pattaya City Council met Sept. 6 with the Pattaya Press Association to discuss a structure for the media-relations office and policies governing its operation.

“Pattaya has many organizations that have plenty of missions which are very well responded by the public,” he said.

Pattaya City Councilwoman  Yuwathida Jeerapat has been nominated as spokesperson for the city.Pattaya City Councilwoman  Yuwathida Jeerapat has been nominated as spokesperson for the city.

“Being a tourism destination that is internationally recognized, Pattaya’s communications and advertisements are not very good, causing the information communicated by various media organizations to have discrepancies leading to damage to development plans.”

The spokesperson’s office would coordinate and advertise projects, problems, complaints and report to the media and general public for clarity in stories and to move in the right direction, Bunthit said.

City Councilwoman Yuwathida Jeerapat was nominated as spokesperson for the city and staff will be picked later.