Chonburi honors HM King for rainmaking skills


Chonburi honored HM the King’s pioneering work in rainmaking, which has continued this year in hopes of alleviating the continued serious drought.

Thailand has celebrated Nov. 14 each year as Father of the Royal Rainmaking Day. It marks the anniversary of the first deployment of a method devised by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great to seed clouds with compounds that soak up moisture and eventually turn into rain.

Chonburi officials honor HM the King’s pioneering work in rainmaking.Chonburi officials honor HM the King’s pioneering work in rainmaking.

Chonburi Deputy Gov. Chanchai Limcharoen and officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives told the history of the project to civic workers and members of the public at the provincial hall.

The event is organized each year to make people aware of HM the King’s generosity and hard work for the betterment of Thai people and the less-fortunate in areas hit by drought.