Cambodians arrested for torturing, selling protected turtles


Two Cambodian women were arrested for selling protected animals and torturing giant sea turtles in Sattahip.

Na Bangwan, 38, and Rin Koon, 34, were taken into custody April 2, a day after photos of large turtles flipped on their shells under the hot sun went viral on the Internet.

The freshwater marine animal vendors were charged with illegal entry into the kingdom and processed for deportation.

Wildlife Preservation and Protection officers seized from the pair 20 wrens, an Asian box turtle and 19 other turtles.

The turtles were deliberately flipped on their shells under the hot sun.

The photos from the Sattahip morning market showed turtles being tortured in order to generate pity from customers who would pay high prices to rescue the reptiles.

The two Cambodian women were detained for torturing and selling giant sea turtles.

The large box turtle was priced at 999 baht while young eels, catfish, and climbing perches were sold at 10 baht each. Pond snails cost 30 baht per kilogram and small turtles were sold at 100 baht a pair. Wrens cost 50 baht each.