3 Nigerians arrested for hotel burglaries


Three Nigerian men have been arrested for allegedly stealing about 450,000 baht from Pattaya hotel guests over the past eight months.

Jaho Jaho Nonso, 30, Ugochukwu Ejimadu, 33, and Osas Samuel, 30, were captured in Samut Prakan Province March 27 following an extensive manhunt.

Since August, more than 10 hotel general managers filed police reports saying the accused gang members had burglarized guest rooms, targeting cash and valuables.

The three were charged with eight burglaries and residing in Thailand without a valid visa. Total losses were estimated at 454,800 baht.

Police in March had discovered the trio staying at a hotel in South Pattaya, but they escaped and made their way to near Bangkok where they managed to hide out for several days.

Police said the gang’s modus operandi was to check into various hotels in Pattaya, then act as “ninjas” to quietly break into other rooms during quiet periods.

Pattaya Business & Tourism Association President Sinchai Wattanasartsathorn and hotel operators on March 29 called on the Tourist Police Division to thank them for apprehending the suspects.

Sinchai said both tourist and Pattaya City police worked hard to find the accused burglars, whose crimes have smeared the reputation of Pattaya for months.

Police arrest the three Nigerian burglars in Samut Prakarn.