Police rescue 3 Cambodian teens held captive in South Pattaya


Children and Women’s Protection Center rescued three young Cambodian girls locked in a South Pattaya apartment by a suspected human trafficker.

Neighbors near the fourth-floor Maenom Residence room called police Aug. 29 after the girls, between ages 13 and 20, frantically screamed for help and pounded on a locked door since being imprisoned the night before.

At first unable to communicate, the girls finally told a Cambodian-speaking volunteer they were tricked by an unknown Thai man, who claimed he’d take the girls to their mother, who was working in Pattaya. Instead, he took them to the apartment on Soi Sukhumvit 77 where he locked them up and gave them only water.

Officers assume the Thai was a human trafficker who planned to pimp out the girls as prostitutes. The victims were taken into care of Child Protection Services while police investigate their captor.