British jogger found dead in Najomtien canal

Rescuers retrieve the body of Richard Wayne Moorcroft from a drainage canal in Najomtien.

A British man died after collapsing into a drainage canal during a run in Najomtien.
The body of Richard Wayne Moorcroft, 64, was found face down in the water in the canal behind Najomtien Temple July 16.
Moorcroft was wearing exercise clothing and had been dead up to five hours before he was discovered.

The corpse was taken for a forensic examination to determine cause of death.
Boonpluk Sangkaew, 60, said she saw Moorcroft exercising every day from her nearby grocery store. She said he often would stretch using the railing next to the canal and she speculated he fell in.

Boonpluk Sangkaew points to the gap in the railing where she speculates Moorcroft could have slipped and fallen into the canal.