Bitter pill for inmate who swallows drugs, dies on way to hospital


Swallowing a condom full of illegal drugs turned out to be a bitter pill indeed for a Nong Plalai Prison inmate after the methamphetamines poured into his bloodstream, sending him to the hospital. He died en route.

Traipob Srilasom, 27, was transported to Chonburi Hospital July 19 after the condom containing 50 ya ba tablets and 5 g. of ya ice released into his system sent him to shock and a coma.

Warden Songkran Suprawiriyamongkol said Traipob had been imprisoned on drug charges since April 2010 and had become part of a gang that managed to smuggle drugs, cigarettes and cash into the prison. On July 14, he’d been taken to Pattaya Provincial Court for a hearing where a gang member on the outside gave him drugs to sell inside the jail, the warden said.

Traipob supposedly took a laxative to pass the bag of drugs, but it didn’t work. Two days later, he collapsed with abdominal pain.

Prison guard commander Somchai Wimansak said while rules prevent inmates from taking or selling drugs, actually stopping them from doing so is difficult. It was not Traipob’s first pass at passing drugs. He suffered similar abdominal problems with a condom full of ya ba last year, officials said.