Bikers Without Borders pulls into Pattaya


About 50 motorcycle enthusiasts pulled into Pattaya on the latest stop in their “Bikers Without Borders” friendship tour of Thailand.

The Big-Hearted Pattaya Thailand club hosted lunch for the riders March 19 at Baan Dao Daeng Restaurant where members explained the mission of the Bikers Without Borders program.

“Bikers Without Borders” cruise through Pattaya. “Bikers Without Borders” cruise through Pattaya.

The tour, comprised of members from Big-Hearted Pattaya, the Bangkok Motorcycle Club and others, each year visits various provinces to help repair houses and do other community-service projects. The project also hands out cash, food and household goods raised by the clubs during fund-raising activities.

Bikers Without Borders operates a website where people can suggest places to visit and work to be done. Last year, for example, riders helped out in temples, orphanages and other locations.

Club members said riders face many obstacles during their tours, such as flat tires and engine breakdowns. But the riders share a common love of biking and new friendships are created among those who join in.