Bathroom break costs Pattaya foreman his motorbike

Aran Nuanhmwk said his motorbike was stolen while he took a bathroom break.

A construction foreman had his motorbike stolen while he took a bathroom break.

Aran Nuanhmwk, 28, reported to Huay Yai police Jan. 20 to show them security camera footage from a nearby apartment where his black Yamaha M-SLAZ was stolen three nights before.

Aran told police he parked in front of an apartment on Huay Yai Municipal Road around 11 p.m. Jan. 17 to use the toilet. He was gone for only five minutes, but came back to see the taillights of his bike riding off into the distance.

The victim said he was aware there have been countless motorbike thefts in East Pattaya and Huay Yai area since last summer, but never thought someone would take his bike in just the five minutes it was left alone and unlocked.

Security camera footage shows the thief riding away.

The quick thief made off with Aran’s black Yamaha M-SLAZ in a matter of minutes.