Ban Sukhawadee facing lawsuit for wastewater discharge


Pattaya officials are threatening to take legal action against the operator of Saha Farms’ Ban Sukhawadee mansion for failing to correct wastewater discharges into the sea.

Photos of the sewage flowing out of the tourist attraction and through Kratinglai Park into the ocean were shared widely on social media, prompting a visit from city hall inspectors.

Pattaya officials are calling on owners of Ban Sukhawadee mansion to stop their lumpy brown sewage from being discharged onto the beach.

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay and Sanitation Department workers visited the site March 14, finding behind the ornate building an overflow of wastewater sending strong odors throughout the area. Samples were taken and sanitation staff said the water lacked any oxygen, making it dangerous for marine life and people. Full results were due in five days.

Panya Chotewan, managing director for Ban Sukhawadee, said the discharge was unintentional and unexpected and was being investigated.

Panya, who said he worked for the Sanitation Department of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration for 14 years, noted that, before Saha Farms built Ban Sukhawadee, the area was only mud and wasteland. The company developed the area to become a clean and pleasant place for all, including neighboring communities, and the operator does not want to foul the environment.

Panya’s comments only came after several warnings were issued by Pattaya officials. An unspecified deadline had been given to correct the problem and it passed without any action by the Ban Sukhawadee operator.

Verawat said earlier that the city planned to call a meeting with Ban Sukhawadee’s owner and set a final deadline for self-corrective action.

If nothing is done, the city will press charges for violation of various pollution laws.


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