Illegal Pattaya Beach vendors fined


Pattaya regulatory-enforcement officers swept through the central section of Pattaya Beach, fining two fruit vendors who illegally had set up shop on the beachfront footpath.

Uniformed Peace and Order Maintenance Department staffers said March 15 that vendors were selling food without permission on the beach, leaving behind waste that was contributing to the beaches rat and pest infestation.

Officials stopped and fined 2 fruit cart vendors for selling fruit along the Pattaya Beach Promenade.

Vendors were fined 500-2,000 baht, depending on severity. Fines were only issued after vendors had ignored up to four warnings.

The officers said that they have felt sympathy for the poor vendors, but said they had to ensure the beach was kept clean and orderly.

They urged all vendors to properly dispose of garbage, keep the beach clean and be the “eyes and ears” of local police to help make Pattaya Beach safer.