Authorities inspect motorbike repair shop


In the early evening of February the 17th 2016, police officers from Banglamung along with army personnel from military circle 14 visited a premises in east Pattaya as they suspected that the motorbike repair shop was acting as a place where stolen motorbikes were sold to, to be broken up for spare parts.

The business had no name and is situated at 7-9 Soi Wat Boonsampahan (Soi Khao Noi) and on inspection the officers found many spare parts from motorbikes and a number of bikes that were waiting to be repaired.

The police and military had been ordered to investigate on an order from the Banglamung Chief, Mr. Chakorn Kanchanawatta.

However the owner of the business, 24 year old Mr. Suebsakul Chanthawadi stated that all the spare parts had been salvaged from older bikes that had been involved in accidents and that any bikes on the premises, belonged to customers and were simply waiting to be repaired.

He urged the police to take a note of all the license plates and to check who the rightful owners were in order to clear his name. He said that he was not involved with any illegal activity and that he operated his business in accordance with the law.

Checks are now being conducted to ensure that the motorbikes are not stolen and do actually belong to customers and that nothing illegal has taken place.