Australian biker dies in early morning crash


An Australian motorcyclist who attended Burapha Bike Week died after crossing four lanes of traffic and crashing near Pattaya Park Hotel.

Dimitry Roitman, 51, was pronounced dead at the scene of the 4:40 a.m. accident March 26. 

Witness Kittikorn Taengcharoen, 22, said she was waiting for a friend at the corner of Thappraya Soi 12 when Roitman roared out of the street onto Thappraya Road on his 650 cc Honda at high speed, crossed four lanes of traffic and lost control when he tried to turn. The bike overturned and he died on the spot

Roitman’s bike lay on its side after the fatal crash. Roitman’s bike lay on its side after the fatal crash.

Police found no identification on the Burapha Bike Club motorcycle club member, but discovered he’d attended the recent Burapha Bike Week and was staying at the Kieng Talay condominium. A search of his room uncovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Officers on site assumed Roitman must have been drunk or high. His body was sent to the Forensics Institute where experts will determine if that was actually true.