Aussie shot when drug purchase goes bad


An Australian man was shot when the man he planned to buy drugs from decided to rob him instead.

Graham John Williamson, 50, suffered a non-fatal wound to the chest and was treated at Pattaya Memorial Hospital Nov. 7.

Williamson’s girlfriend, Sirinoot Thanosorn, 26, told police she’d been asked by her beau to purchase crystal methamphetamines for him. She did, arranging the ya ice to be dropped off at the Aussie’s Thepprasit Road apartment.

But when the dealer arrived, the unidentified Thai man took Williamson’s 2,000 baht, but refused to hand over the drugs, saying he believed the Aussie was working for the police.

After repeatedly denying he was an undercover officer, the dealer demanded all their cash and belongings. Williamson resisted and was shot for his effort. Police are now searching for the shooter.