Angry Thai man tries to destroy out-of-gas motorbike

Udomsak became upset because his bike ran out of gas and started to rip it to bits.

Sattahip police intervened to stop an angry motorist from destroying his motorbike because it ran out of gas.

Identified only as Udomsak, the 41-year-old was seen on Sukhumvit Road at Soi 4 smashing up his blue Honda Click. Concerned passersby tried to stop him, but Udomsak, apparently drunk, only insulted them and told them to mind their own business.

Police had to step in and take Udomsak away when he tried to set fire to his bike.

It became police business when Udomsak tried to light the bike on fire. But, of course, it was out of gas, so it wouldn’t ignite.

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After trying to negotiate with Udomsak, police slapped on the cuffs and took him in for a blood-alcohol test, he faces charges of drunk driving as well as disorderly conduct.