AMCHAM CSR Excellence Awards winners announced

AMCHAM CSR Excellence Awards Special Awards finalists and winners.

October 27 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM) recognized 76 U.S. and Thai businesses at the 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Excellence Awards that honor the CSR efforts of member companies in the Kingdom. AMCHAM President Greg Wong; U.S. Ambassador Michael George DeSombre, and Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Pitak Udomwichaiwat presided over the awards ceremony and recognized companies that demonstrate commitment to conducting business responsibly and giving back to local communities.

U.S. Ambassador DeSombre applauded the role of the private sector in fostering U.S.-Thai partnership through their CSR efforts and Covid-19 specific CSR activities. He stressed that “American businesses continue to engage in sustainable business practices and work with local communities, wherever they operate. They have shown great resilience during these challenging times and through ongoing investment in people, education, technology, and healthcare, made a positive contribution to the Thai economy and demonstrate that American companies do well by doing good.”

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AMCHAM CSR Excellence Recognition is awarded to AMCHAM member companies for their long-term efforts to support Thailand’s sustainable development. Qualifying companies have CSR programs with measurable results that create both economic and social gains for a year or more, high levels of employee involvement, and strong strategic partnerships with Thai organizations. The company mission must also align closely with the goals of the CSR activities. Member companies are recognized with different tiers for companies who receive this award in consecutive years: CSR Silver level: 3 consecutive years, CSR Gold level: 5 consecutive years and CSR Platinum level: 10 consecutive years. In addition to recognition, three member companies were recognized with special awards:

Johnson & Johnson won The Ambassador’s Award for Excellence in Thai-U.S. Partnership for their project, Peer Support Training 2019 for helping people and communities all over the world and in Thailand end stigma and discrimination related to all medical conditions by providing access to effective treatment and holistic care to help patients recover from mental illness. Presented by U.S. Ambassador DeSombre, this award recognizes a CSR project that promotes Thai-U.S. partnerships that bring U.S. knowledge, expertise, or best practices to Thailand.

KFC Thailand won The Thai Development for their project, Harvest & Colonel’s Kitchen Program for providing safe and healthy meals to young, destitute, and disabled individuals. Presented by Deputy Permanent Secretary Pitak Udomwichaiwat, this award honored a company whose pandemic response work has benefited the community.

Cardinal Health won the Excellence in CSR Projects Award for their project, We are Wings for manufacturing and donating 284,200 pairs of gloves, delivering them to hospitals and medical centers in Thailand. In addition to donating 2.1 million pairs to the U.S., to support frontline healthcare workers fighting Covid-19. Presented by AMCHAM President Greg Wong, this award is given to a company whose efforts have helped front line workers respond to the pandemic.


AMCHAM President Greg Wong, Managing Director Agoda, highlighted the role of AMCHAM member companies in fighting Covid-19. “Thailand is loved by Americans. We are amazed by the daily acts of kindness we receive from Thai people who make us feel welcome and safe. American companies in Thailand reflect the generosity we are given by Thai People though community service and CSR projects. Covid-19 has given us more opportunity to give and serve alongside our Thai brothers and sisters.”

In 2020, in addition to their regular CSR efforts, over 60 AMCHAM member companies have donated over 100 million Baht in cash and product donations in response to Covid-19. He congratulated member companies for swiftly responding to the urgent social, economic, and healthcare needs of the Kingdom to support the Thai Government through the pandemic.

The AMCHAM CSR Excellence awards take place in autumn each year. AMCHAM is proud of what member companies do to give back to Thailand and Thai society, making the business and social environment better for all of us. Throughout the year, the CSR Committee shares these best practices with the entire membership, providing support and resources for member companies who are developing or improving their CSR strategies. Through the AMCHAM CSR Excellence Awards, these companies are awarded for their long-term efforts to support Thailand’s sustainable development.

Applications for next year’s CSR awards will open in July 2021.