AEC Learning Center opens in Pattaya


The director-general of the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration opened the AEC Learning Center, which was founded to help Pattaya-area businesses prepare for the coming Southeast Asian common market.

Nalikatibhag Sangsnit cut the ribbon the new facility at the Villa Navy Building of the Office of Designated Area 3 Dec. 22.

He said that as Pattaya is among the top tourist destinations in Thailand, DASTA set up its AEC Learning Center to be a venue for exchanging knowledge and developing skills for personnel in the tourism sector.

Officials cut the ribbon to officially open the new AEC Learning Center.Officials cut the ribbon to officially open the new AEC Learning Center.

They can use that knowledge to operate their businesses or use in daily life, Nalikatibhag said. The office will hold activities to develop community activities for tourism by providing courses such as cooking, Muslim tailoring, and English.

The Office of Designated Area 3 also provides facilities for group study that can support up to 50 people.