Accused Russian mobster captured in Pattaya


The Chonburi Immigration Office deported an accused Russian mobster wanted by Interpol for fraud and corruption who was now living in Pattaya.

The Russian embassy in Bangkok informed the Jomtien Beach immigration office that it had revoked the passport of Vladislav Yudichev, 44, and asked for their help in locating and repatriating him.

Immigration police contacted Yudichev using information in their database and told him his visa had changed and that he needed to sign some documents. He was arrested when he arrived to do that.

Vladislav Yudichev was captured in Pattaya and deported to face fraud and corruption charges in Russia.

Yudichev denied having anything to do with fraud or corruption. He said he was in debt about a million baht, but recently sold property in Russia for sixty times that amount, so he doesn’t understand what the charges are related to.

He was processed for immediate deportation.