9th Indian has gold chain stolen in Pattaya

Indian tourist Karthikeyan informs a plain clothes policeman that a female-looking person accosted him and snatched his gold chain on Pattaya Beach.

Barely a week goes by without an Indian tourist getting rob of a fat gold chain in Pattaya.

History repeated itself for the ninth since April when the tourist, identified only as Karthikeyan, 43, reported to police July 23 that his 30,000-baht necklace was stolen by a female-looking thief on Pattaya Beach.

The woman – or possibly transgender woman – accosted him on Beach Road and then jumped on a motorbike and sped away.

Pattaya police recently promised to increase patrols on Pattaya Beach to prevent such crimes.

Karthikeyan said that he had just left his hotel and was walking on Beach Road enjoying the sights when the thief jumped him and stole his gold chain.