6 Belgians rescued from Sattahip Bay island

The stranded tourists huddled around a campfire were extremely happy to be rescued by the Thai navy.

The navy rescued 6 Belgian tourists whose ambition outstripped their seamanship from a deserted island in Sattahip Bay.

The six Belgians had taken three speedboats to sea Sunday, piloting their way around the bay’s various islands amid strong winds and rough seas.

One boat broke down and a second sprung a leak. The last boat was too small to carry all six back to shore, so the tourists beached themselves on Koh Khram, a protected wildlife preserve. From there, they radioed for help.

Patrol boat No.T 228 from Sattahip Naval Base found the tourists after midnight Dec. 6. Other than being a bit “shaken up”, all six were uninjured.

The navy is investigating the cause of the boats’ problems and the company that rented them.

The 6 rescued Belgian tourists on board the Royal Thai navy boat that brought then safely back to the mainland.

The Belgian tourists tell navy personnel of their ordeal.

A navy personnel ties a rope onto one of the capsized speedboats to tow it back to shore.

A Belgian tourist climbs up to the pier happy to be on solid ground again.

Fortunately, the Belgians reached shore where they strenuously tried to drain water out of their leaking boat.

This boat was unsalvageable as the hull was full of water.

Safe on shore, the Belgians thanked the naval officers for rescuing them from becoming castaways on Koh Khram Island.

After having performed her rescue mission successfully, the Royal Thai Navy patrol boat T 228 sails back to Sattahip Naval Base.