3BB techs cut down TOT wires to sell near Pattaya

3BB cable guys Weerapong and Jurajit point to a truckload of cables they stolen from a rival company.

During the day, two internet technicians put up wires. At night, they were caught cutting them down to sell.

Weerapong Saenghiran, 26, and Jurajit Jantrabok, 24, were arrested at Royal Sammuk Villa Sept. 14, with a 3BB-labeled pickup truck full of communications cables hung by rival TOT Plc. and planned to sell them for the copper inside.

The pair – part-time employees at Triple T Broadband Plc, which operates the 3BB internet service provider – confessed they’ve twice gone out at night and cut down TOT’s wires because they each only earn 10,000 baht a month, not enough to pay the bills. Each haul of wires earned them 3,000 baht to split.

Chatchai Ngamsomchart, the Bangsaen village’s 44-year-old security guard, said he allowed the thieves to enter the village because they were in a company truck and the neighborhood often has internet outages.

His boss, however, pointed out maintenance wouldn’t be happening at that hour and confronted the pair, who looked frightened. They tried to flee, but the boss took the keys from the driver and security held them until Saen Suk subdistrict police arrived.

A security camera records the two young men stealing communication cables from the utility poles.