21 transgender women exempted from Pattaya draft

Pornpipat Photasintu, GM of Sisters Foundation said, “Some ladyboys come ill prepared so we have to help them.”

Twenty-one transgender women were exempted from military conscription in the Pattaya area this year.

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Pornpipat Photasintu, director of the Sisters transgender-rights foundation, reported no problems with the four-day draft that wrapped up Aug. 1 at Prachumkongka Temple’s Wisuttajan Dome.

Staffers from the Sisters Foundation were on hand to offer assistance to the ladyboys in preparing their documents.

“The annual procession of a few women born as men showing up at the conscription always causes a sideshow with lookie-looks and tabloid photographers gawking, but by now, the entire routine is old hat,” said Pornpipat.

Sisters Foundation helps the transgender women collect all the paperwork they need to be exempted from military service. Army officials always treat them respectfully and the group said the only problems come from the women themselves.

Pornpipat said, “In order to be exempted from service, the 21 seeking exemptions this year needed gender identity certifications from one of 20 military hospitals around the country. It also helps if they show up on time and dress properly,” she said.

A volunteer from the Sisters Foundation gives informational brochures to a young ladyboy in preparation for the interview with the military officer.


The Sisters Foundation set up a booth to give young ladyboys information and assistance during the conscription process.