200 police stage checkpoints to search for stolen motorbikes


More than 200 Chonburi police set up roadblocks across Pattaya in an effort to locate stolen motorbikes.

Deputy commander Pol. Col. Trirong Puephan gathered officers from 22 police stations in front of Pattaya’s police headquarters Jan. 25 to dispatch them to set up checkpoints to suppress crime and try to track down countless motorbikes stolen in the region.

Pol. Col. Trirong divided forces into six teams on major Pattaya roads to inspect oft-stolen bikes, such as Honda MSX and Super X models.

If a bike is found unregistered, lacking license plates or other legal documentation, it was seized on the spot. Drivers were also checked to determine if they had previous arrest records.

The checkpoint on Second Road yielded immediate results as police waved over a group of youths and, upon searching them, found a bottle of ketamine on 25-year-old Phantachart Srisopa and four more bottles in his sidecar.

He denied knowledge of the drugs and was arrested for further investigation.