2-year-old killed in tragic Huay Yai parking lot accident


A toddler was killed after being run over in a parking lot in Huay Yai.

Kanphumin Sripanon, 2, was crushed under the back wheel of a Toyota pickup truck driven by Teerayut Saengchanrid, 33, March 24 in a community parking lot on Soi Baan Piem Mongkol.

The child’s aunt, Kanchana Polpikul, 18, said the child and others from the neighborhood often played in the lot. She didn’t see the accident, however, only arriving after hearing screams. Teerayut tried to provide first aid, but it was too late.

Police said a tearful Teerayut explained that he had been working on his truck, as it wouldn’t start.

Earlier, he had several people push the truck so he could try to jump-start it. At that time, he saw the toddler chasing after the car-pushers before being picked up and taken away from the vehicle.

He went back to working on the vehicle and eventually got it running. Teerayut put the truck in reverse, but, little did he know, the unattended 2-year-old had again run up behind the vehicle. He hit the child without knowing he was there.

Teerayut was taken to the police station for further questioning and possible charges.