2 women crushed in collision with Sriracha big rig

Two women were killed when their car crashed into the underside of the 22-wheel trailer crushing the roof.

Two people were killed when their car was crushed by a 22-wheel tractor-trailer in Sriracha.

Janjira Phosir, 27, and Kanyapak Kumtong, 24, died at the scene of the April 9 wreck on Highway 331 near the Amata City industrial estate in Borwin Subdistrict.

The driver of the super-sized big rig, Somchai Yongsakul, 49, said he was crossing the intersection, which was marked with a flashing yellow light, when the Phetchabun-registered vehicle ran through the junction and into the side of the trailer.

The small Honda Civic went under the trailer and crushed the roof, killing the two women in the front seats.

Rescue workers work desperately to save the two women trapped in the car, but unfortunately could not save their lives.