2 Lithuanians arrested in fake credit card scam


Transnational crime police arrested two Lithuanians who were allegedly using forged credit cards in a shopping spree across the region.

Vaidotas Dirzys, 24, and Antanas Chmieliauskas, 24, were taken into custody in separate arrests Aug. 27. Police also seized a total of 52 fake credit cards, cloned using stolen card information from the United States.

Col. Thai Prasjaksaksatru said the investigation began with a complaint from Kasikorn Bank that a foreigner had used a counterfeit credit card to purchase gold in Laem Chabang. This led to the arrest of Chmieliauskas at his South Pattaya condominium. Police found 49 fake cards and receipts in the apartment.

Under questioning, Chmieliauskas gave police enough information to arrest Dirzys who was caught with three bogus cards and receipts from gold shops.

Antanas Chmieliauskas.Antanas Chmieliauskas.

Vaidotas Dirzys.Vaidotas Dirzys.