2 injured as Burmese, Cambodians brawl at labor camp


Two people were injured when drunk Cambodian and Burmese laborers squared off at a construction camp in Nongprue.

Two Burmese workers, identified only as “Rasai,” 24, and “Pangsai,” 30, suffered cuts and broken bones in the June 8 brawl on Soi Pacific Village opposite Beer Burapha. They were treated at the scene and not hospitalized. Another Burmese and five Cambodians suffered serious bruises.

The two men, both intoxicated, told police they’d been drinking in a friend’s room when a 22-year-old Cambodian rapped on their door, telling them to keep the noise down. An argument led to fisticuffs, which led to a brawl involving about 20 men fighting to support their countrymen.

Ringleaders from both the Burmese and Cambodian factions were hauled into Pattaya Police Station for questioning. However, police used the occasion to check for work permits and found one Burmese worker had fake papers while the top Cambodian gang member didn’t have one at all.

They were turned over to immigration officials for prosecution and likely deportation.