2 injured as 18-wheeler rams into parked 6-wheeler in East Pattaya

The flipped-over 18-wheeler which crashed into the delivery truck can be seen on its side in the background as paramedics give emergency treatment to Kraiwut Suntornsawat the injured driver of the delivery truck.

A delivery truck parked on the side of the road was rammed into by an Isuzu 18-wheeler causing both trucks to overturn seriously injuring the drivers of both vehicles.

The accident happened on Highway 331 in Takientia subdistrict in East Pattaya on April 4.

A witness said that while Kraiwut Suntornsawat, 32, the driver of the Isuzu delivery truck was unloading goods from his van for delivery to a nearby convenient store, when out of the blue a huge sand-laden 18-wheeled truck driven by Udom Meemung 39, crashed into the rear of the delivery truck. Kraiwut suffered serious injuries to both his legs in the collision, but was very lucky to have escaped certain death.

The force of the crash sent both vehicles flying onto their sides.  Goods from the delivery truck were scattered all over the road and tons of sand spilled from the huge transporter.

Rescue workers had to pry open the 18-wheeler driver’s cabin to pull Udom out of the wreck. He too was badly hurt.

Both the injured men were sent to a local hospital for treatment.

The accident caused a traffic snarl-up on Highway 331 with goods from the delivery truck scattered all over the road as the injured driver is taken away on a stretcher.